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Homestead Valley Land Trust
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Please report trail problems!

We want to hear from you!  If there’s a tree down across a trail, a section that you feel is dangerous to navigate, maintenance you feel should be done – let us know!  Unauthorized construction on open space land, such as tree houses or forts or the extension of a landowner’s garden into our public land, should be brought to our attention.  Report a problem or suggestion to:

If urgent: email AND call 415-968-9747.

And, of course, we always encourage you to hike the trails with pruners in hand, ready to cut back an overhanging branch of poison oak or broom.

Reservation procedure for Stolte Grove/Three Groves:

Stolte Grove is available for small gatherings and parties. It is ideal for children’s picnics. The park is open to the public, and rental does not entitle a party to “exclusive use.” Rentals can be arranged from 10 am to sunset. The park has six picnic tables, a wood-fired grill, and a sink. It is set in a beautiful redwood grove, with Reed Creek running through it.

Amplified music is never allowed. Guests are asked to keep acoustic music and overall noise levels low to respect the peaceful environment of the redwood grove and neighbors living nearby. Please also respect the wooden stage by not throwing or hitting balls against the backdrop.

The renter is responsible for cleaning up the area after their event, and this is checked by HVLT before the deposit is returned. Garbage is to be removed, as there is only one garbage can available which fills up with normal daily use.

Please leave a message for Sheila at 415 388-2162 to ask about dates available for rental of the grove. She will give you the information on the rental fee, and cleaning / damage deposit. If your call is not returned in a couple of days, email or call the HVLT contacts.