Open Space and Regulations


Homestead Valley Trail Map. Click for high-res pdf map.


All trails in Homestead Valley are walking trails. Bikes are NOT allowed, because they erode the trails and pose a danger to hikers. If you meet bikers on our trails, please remind them that bikes are not allowed on HVLT trails. Bikes are allowed on Pixie Trail, which is wide enough to accommodate multiple uses.

Dogs are allowed off-leash under strict and demonstrable voice control only.

Marin County Parks and Open Space rules and regulations:

Key to map trailheads:
1. Above Cowboy Rock, Edgewood at Sequoia Valley Rd.
2. Dead-end of Tamalpais Dr.
3. 523 Tamalpais Dr. across bridge
4. Dead-end of Castle Rock Dr.
5. Eagle Trail: LaVerne opposite Stolte Grove
6. 441 LaVerne, top of drive
7. Dead-end Ridgewood
8. 361 Ridgewood, top of drive
9. 4-Corners
10. Ridgewood U bend
11. 16 Madrone Park Circle
12. 318 Rydal, beside house
13. Dead-end Greenhill
14. 227 Reed, up drive on right
15. 174 Homestead Blvd.
16. Lattie Ln. & Waterview/Water tower
17. Panoramic near Dias Spur
18. Stolte Grove19. Edgewood/Upper Ridgewood
20. Dead-end Pixie Trail
21. Dead-end Ciecely Ln.
22. Dead-end Hart Ln.
23. 423 Pixie Ln.
24. 51 Edgewood
25. 370 Montford
26. 300 Cape Ct. by fence
27. Dead-end Seymour
28. Up driveway opposite 47 Janes St.