What We Do


What we do

Protect, maintain and restore HVLT land.

  • Document and report encroachment
  • Service our system of trails: repair eroded areas, install water bars, steps and bridges when necessary, post signage restricting bicycle use, remove hazards such as fallen trees and branches
  • Prioritize high-fire risk areas
  • Hire and supervise tree professionals to reduce wildfire risk: high-risk trees, excessive undergrowth, and hazardous ladder fuels
  • Identify and keep under control invasive, non-native plants
  • Tend our three parks: Stolte Grove, Three Groves, and Volunteer Park

IMG_0216_ThreeGroves                                IMG_0239_ThreeGroves

  • Organize and supervise volunteer work parties for park clean-up and open space and trail vegetation management

MadroneBenchMdw_before_21jul12sm                 MadroneBenchMdw_after_21jul12sm

  • Identify and protect endangered species within our boundaries

Who does it


  • Nine-member Board meets monthly in public meeting to set priorities, approve expenses, respond to community requests or concerns
  • Maverick, the HVLT contract Land Manager, recommends projects and carries out the work that the Board approves
  • Tree and brush control contractors are hired for specific board-approved projects and supervised by Maverick
  • Volunteers at work parties, Boy Scouts doing Eagle Badge work, Marin Horizon School class projects, any other group that submits a work plan to and gains approval from the Board for projects that will enhance our public land

How we are funded

  • Homestead residents have voted to tax themselves – initially for the purchase of land to be included in the Homestead Valley Land Trust and subsequently to pay for ongoing protection and maintenance. This tax money is collected by the County and distributed to HVLT through the County Service Area (CSA) 14 board.

What are our long term plans?

In 2013, the County of Marin authorized and financed an extensive review of the land under HVLT’s management. The resulting document is a Land Management Plan (LMP) that provides the framework for both short-term and long-term goals.  This LMP is available to download here: Land Management Plan.