Who We Are



To protect, maintain, and restore Marin County-owned open space and parklands within Homestead Valley for the benefit of sustainable public enjoyment, wildlife habitat, and wildland fire safety.

The Homestead Valley Land Trust (HVLT) manages 80+ acres of Marin County Open Space District lands in the hills surrounding Homestead Valley as well as three local parks (Volunteer Park, Stolte Grove, and Three Groves). We work with the Marin County Open Space District to define and fulfill our mission.  HVLT maintains a network of trails, many of which intersect with trails on adjacent open space lands — Mt. Tamalpais State Park and Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) — and with City of Mill Valley streets.  HVLT strives to maintain the lands in an ecologically sound manner that encourages removal of invasive plant species and supports restoration of native plants and wildlife. We reduce wildfire hazard through a year-long regimen of strategic vegetation management.  We work with the Southern Marin Fire District and Fire Safe Marin to best identify how to apply our resources for fire-fuel reduction.

HVLT regularly organizes work parties, which are opportunities for families, kids, school groups, scouts and grown-ups to gather and contribute to their community and help spruce up the parks and lands. Our work parties often end with a community lunch, allowing a chance to congregate and socialize with neighbors.

Volunteers from among valley residents or the HVLT board organize informal walks of the trails to tell the history of the valley, point out various elements of natural history and ecology, or identify where wildlife such as bobcats, owls, and hawks’ nests have been seen.

The HVLT board meets monthly, on the second Tuesday of each month, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, at the Homestead Valley Community Center.

BOARD: The HVLT board consists of nine community members. Three members are elected to 3-year terms at the Homestead Valley Community Association (HVCA) Annual meeting in January. At least one member is common to both the HVLT and the HVCA Boards.